Building Safety Services

The Building Safety Services Division is responsible for new construction permits and inspections, as well as property maintenance inspections, which includes condemnations and demolitions.

Primary Function

The primary function is to ensure public safety through enforcement of the International Code Council minimum standards, including the International Residential Code 2012, International Building Code 2012 as well as the codes adopted by the State as the Maryland Building Performance Standards.


This Division also inspects, enforces and aids in enforcement of other minimum standards adopted by the State of Maryland under the Maryland Building Performance Standards. It is the city’s goal to ensure that the citizens of Cambridge purchase, rent, and live in safe housing which meets locally and nationally adopted standards.


See our complete listings for forms and permits.

Board-Up Ordinance Final Draft (PDF)
Building Permit (PDF)
Building Graph Sheet (PDF)
Building Site Plan (PDF)
Building Wall Section (PDF)
Demolition Permit (PDF)
Electrical Permit (PDF)
Electrical Registration (PDF)
HVAC Permit Application (PDF)
Mechanical Registration (PDF)
Plumbing Permit (PDF)
Plumbing Registration (PDF)
Roofing and Siding Permit Application (PDF)
Sign Permit (PDF)