Rescue Fire Company

The Rescue Fire Company, Inc. (RFC) was organized in 1881 and Incorporated in 1882.

RFC Officers

Updated August 2017
  • President: Tyler Jones
  • Vice President: Robert Travers
  • Secretary: Shyheim Dawson
  • Treasurer: Dawn Cook
  • Trustees: Juanita Darby, Hubert Meekins, Calvin Stack
  • Fire Chief: Adam Pritchett
  • 1st Assistant Chief: Brad Walters
  • 2nd Assistant Chief: Ben McCarter
Equipment Bays


The Fire Company is a member of the following associations:
  • Dorchester County Volunteer Fireman's Association
  • Eastern Shore Volunteer Fireman's Association
  • Del.Mar.Va Volunteer Fireman's Association
  • Maryland State Volunteer Fireman's Association

Types of RFC Membership

  • Cadet - Age 14 to 16, a Cadet Member learns about the Fire Company is able to help around the Fire Station and at non-emergency company activities (i.e. Trainings, Fund Raising). Cadets are not allowed at any Fire Company Emergencies.
  • Junior - Age 16 to 18, a Junior Member is allowed to do everything that a Cadet can do plus respond to Emergency, but must remain in a non-hazard area. Junior Member may also attend Fire Department Training provided by the Maryland Fire & Rescue Institute.
  • Honorary - Age at least 18, an Honorary Member is a Non- Firefighting Member of the Fire Company. Honorary Members can be very important members of the Fire Company by holding Administration Offices, serving on committees and helping with non-emergency company activities.
  • Probationary Active - Age 19 with three months as an Honorary Member, Cadet or Junior Members with one year of service may apply on their 18th Birthday. Pro-Active Members are Firefighters of the Company who are in a learning phase of their Membership. During this time they learn to drive and operate RFC Firefighting Equipment.
  • Full Active Members - Referred to as Active Members are what their membership implies, they are Firefighting Members of the Company with all the rights of Membership.

Applications for RFC Membership

Junior / Cadet and Honorary applications and Criminal Record Check Forms can be obtained at the Cambridge City Clerk's Office, from any Member of the Company, the Company Secretary or print from this Web Site. The completed forms may be dropped off where you picked them up or mailed back to:
P.O. Box 776
Cambridge, MD 21613

Junior / Cadet Applicant's must submit a completed application only, no fee or Criminal Check
Honorary Applicant's must submit both a completed application and Criminal Record Check Form and pay a $20 initiation fee.