Police Board


  • Chantay Nelson
    Term Expires: March 22, 2025
  • Brian 
    Term Expires: March 22, 2025
  • Lynette Wongus 
  • Term Expires: March 22, 2025

  • Abby Messick
    Term Expires: March 22, 2025
  • Mike Stewart
    Term Expires: March 22, 2025
  • LaShon Foster
    Term Expires: March 22, 2025

Additional Information

The Police Advisory Board consists of seven members.These members are the Mayor, a resident of each city ward, nominated by the commissioner of that ward, and a resident of the city nominated by the mayor.

The Police Advisory Board shall be responsible for advising the Police Department on complaints from the citizens and improvements in the operation of the Police Department. This board shall also be responsible for making recommendations to the city council for areas in which police activities can better serve the citizens of Cambridge.

Police board meetings will be held every 4th Wednesday of odd months at the Public Safety Building 8 Washington St. Cambridge, MD 21613 Police Department Conference Room  starting at Noon. Dates are subject to change.
January 26, 2022
July 28, 2021

Minuets for the last Police Advisory Board meeting 07/24/2019
Minuets from the January 2020 Police Advisory Board Meeting 01/22/2020