Technology Committee

In 2021 the Commissioners of Cambridge created the Technology Committee to help identify, review, and evaluate the City's current technology needs and related matters, report and make recommendations to the City Council regarding the City’s technology needs, including how technology may be implemented for the purposes of improving citizen input, facilitating better messaging of City policies, improving reporting of City problems to City officials, improving application processes for City permits, creating better public access to public meetings and to report and make recommendations to the City Council regarding implementation of city software applications and to perform other functions related to technology as the City Council may request.

The Committee acts in an advisory capacity to the Commissioners of Cambridge.

Meeting schedule:

Virtually, bi-weekly, Wednesdays at 6PM.

Members: (Commission and Citizen members have a 2 year term)

  • Brian Roche, Ward 1 Commissioner
  • Jameson Harrington: Ward 3 Commissioner
  • Greg Boss, Citizen Member
  • Mariana Gardinali, Citizen Member
  • Dale Price, IT Coordinator, City Staff Member
  • Scott Shores, GIS Specialist, City Staff Member